How can a responsive web design enhance a customer's experience

How can a responsive web design enhance a customer’s experience

With the whole world going digital, a website is essential for retail businesses, service providers, government organizations, schools & colleges, etc. And so, web design, rather a responsive web design, is the need of the hour to ensure a better connection and communication with the target audiences.

What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design is a website design and development technique that helps enhance the browsing experience of a customer by creating a web page that is both responsive and flexible.

A responsive website is optimized for different internet-connected devices, from desktop computers to tablets to smartphones.

As smartphone users are increasing every day, companies are working on mobile responsive website designs to reach out to their customers for more business by providing an uninterrupted browsing experience002E

Let us see how it benefits a brand/business:

  • Seamless connectivity across devices: These days, customers arenot confined to a single device to browse regarding their purchases, bookings, bill payments, watching videos, etc. So, a responsive website is a must to ensure a seamless and consistent browsing experience.
  • Instant messaging or chat feature: An essential element of a responsive website is the instant messaging or chat facility, which answers any query or resolves a customer’s issue. It ensures customers’ engagement and helps in enhancing their experience.
  • Better connect with brand identity:A responsive website design focuses on a brand visual identity (logo, image, color, tagline, etc.) to appeal and create a better connection with its customers. The better customer-brand connection ensures enhanced customers’ experience and loyalty.
  • Faster page loads for customers engagement:The loading speed of a web page or website affects a customer’s experience. As per research, if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, the customer suspends the search and moves to another website. A responsive website development specialist always keeps this aspect in mind.

A responsive website design works on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that use different settings to serve various style properties depending on the resolution, screen size, orientation, color capability, and all-important characteristics.

The responsive websites are designed to automatically fit in the screens of various devices and display the content as per users’ expectations. It truly enhances customers’ experience and saves their time and hassles, as they do not have to zoom or scroll much to view the content while browsing the website.

For brands or businesses, a responsive website helps in improving their search engine rankings as customers tend to spend more time on the website due to its user-friendliness, easy navigation, and quicker response time.

If you are looking for a responsive website development company that can help you create or transform your existing website for achieving enhanced customers’ experience and better business, you can connect with Reinforce Global – a US-based company providing advanced web and mobile technology solutions to modern businesses and start-ups.

WordPress is Perfect Solution

WordPress is Perfect Solution – Here is why

Undoubtedly WordPress is the most popular website builder platform. WordPress power more than 40% of all websites. In 2003 WordPress started as a blogging platform, but over the years it becomes extremely versatile allowing users to make a fully-featured website of any category.

If you are still not sure if WordPress is the right choice for you, Here are some reasons explaining why WordPress.

1. Best CMS
WordPress was found as Content management system. No competitor currently compares to the power, elegance and advanced tools you will find in the WordPress. Its plugin and templating architecture encourage a large community of developers and designers to extend the functionality of the platform.

2. SEO Friendly:
SEO is something very vital in online business hence everyone must focus on it from the inception of the site. WordPress have a feature that automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for your pages and posts. This makes easy for search engine to know about your content and will get it indexed and leads to better ranking. With all these there are some more advanced features offered by plugins and1 other online tools. Hence it is widely known as SEO built into the platform.

3. Secure and safe:
In general good security measures are taken by WordPress team. This does not mean that there are absolutely no chances of malicious attacks or hacking on your website.

Enabling SSL certificate for your WordPress website is easy. Probably you would get it from hosting service. Keep your website up-to-date to fight off bugs and security threats. You can strengthen your site’s security with features like password protection for folder contents. Doors might be lock but to add some more layers you can install WordPress Security plugin.

4. Mobile friendly:
The WordPress back-end is completely mobile responsive. If your website is built in WordPress you don’t have to update your entire site just to make it mobile responsive, Many themes are automatically responsive. There are a variety of tools and strategies that can be used by WordPress site owners with the core WordPress to make sites mobile-friendly.

5. Various eCommerce solutions:
To establish an impactful online presence on the internet best e-commerce solution which is multipurpose, clean, and polished is a WordPress eCommerce theme. It suits almost all online store ranging from apparel to electronics.

6. WordPress keeps improving:
Because it is open-source coding, innovative developers keep improving it as the year pass. The staff of WordPress keeps adding features and developers create new plugins and program new features so that site can be customized.

Key Takeaway:
WordPress has many followers all around the globe. There is hardly anything that you can’t do with this powerful content management system. WordPress site will look professional, drive results, and easy to maintain. Hence it is the perfect and best choice for Business owners, eCommerce professionals, bloggers, and developers with clients. It gives you complete control over your site with free benefits like themes, free tools, plugins, and media support.

The above suggestions should have convinced you to make or switch to WordPress. Visit Reinforce Global to make your first website with WordPress.

How are responsive web designs beneficail to SEO

How Are Responsive Web Designs Beneficial to SEO?

Today, most people do not open a desktop to browse a website or perform any web-based activities. Most people prefer to do web-based activities instantly on their mobile phones. Every business must ensure they have a responsive website, given this mindset of people.  There are lots of advantages to having a responsive website.

In this article we’ll look at how responsive websites are beneficial to SEO. Below are 5 SEO benefits for responsive design:

  • High Mobile Traffic – You don’t have to do any research to conclude that today most of the websites are browsed on mobile. When you go with responsive design, it ensures your website opens correctly and perfectly on any mobile device which opens the doors to attract thousands of users to your site, which improves your SEO score. How? The next point answers your question.
  • Website Usability – Do you know how Google determines your site’s quality? It is determined by the amount of time a user spends on your site. The higher the time, the higher the ranking. When will someone spend more time on your website? When it is easy to navigate, this is achieved by having a responsive web design. If you are giving an excellent user experience, the customers will come back to your site and increase your site page quality and hence your ranking.
  • Page Load Time – One other important parameter on which Google ranks your site is – page load time. How does it fit in with responsive design? The desktop version of the site may have a lot of information on a single page. However, that is not a good idea in a mobile version – a user may be baffled with so much information on a small mobile screen. Also, loading so much information on a single page on a mobile device increases the page load time. Responsive design ensures users see a condensed version of your pages that are smaller and easy to load.
  • Bounce Rate – When a visitor comes to your site and exit the website after spending very little time or exit immediately, it is known as Bounce Rate. Google notes the difference of entry and exit time of each visitor and accordingly ranks your website. If you have a higher bounce rate, Google assumes your site is not useful for visitors and reduce your ranking. For the same reason, you should have a responsive web design that lowers the bounce rate and improve your rank.
  • No Duplicate Content – Before responsive designs were popular, businesses used to create two different versions of their website – one for desktop and the other for mobile to give a better user experience. There is a significant issue with this approach – Google considers the two versions as two different websites and marks the website as ‘website with duplicate content’ which lowers your Google ranking. With responsive design, you can create a single website that fits on any platform.

It won’t be wrong to say if you don’t have a responsive website, and your growth is related to your website, the chances of your success are bleak. Having responsive design improves the SEO, which ensures more people visit your website, and you get more business.