Reinforce Global is all about achieving highest quality standards during development and deployment. Utilizing our expertise and experience in software, app and website development, we provide robust code inspection solutions to determine the vulnerability exposure of your solution.

Our code review and website audit services are designed to help you discover security vulnerabilities, bugs and flaws to ensure your solution offers a remarkable and secure user experience. Using manual review techniques and automated tools, our expert coders review your source code, line by line to identify loopholes that can cause trouble during or after deployment.

Our Quality Assurance Approach

  • Review of software and coding process
  • Preparation of code review plan
  • Identifying security loopholes within the code
  • Discovering instances of bad coding techniques within the code
  • Evaluation of the code for inherent bugs and existing flaws
  • Development of a detailed review report with recommended remedial steps

Our structured source code analysis approach promises evaluation of each line of code and pinpointing the exact variable/code snippet that is leading to a vulnerability or a bug. Using our solutions, developers can quickly ascertain underlying errors that saves time, effort and results in development of an effective and bug-free solution.

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